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Boston & Its Neighborhoods

Literary Boston

Forgotten Chapters of Boston’s Literary History
Special Exhibition at the Boston Public Library held in July 2012.


Boston Literary District
"to make Boston literature more visible."  Press coverage provides background on its inception and current events.  Calendar of events: readings, conferences, and other literary gatherings taking place, and historic literary sites.


Literary Boston Neighborhoods, Boston Globe, July 5. 2009.


Reader's Guide to Literary Boston, Boston Globe, August 10, 2008, p. K4, interactive webpage.  BU


"Once Upon Crime," Ralph Ranalli, Boston Globe Magazine, August 15, 2004, 18-21, 32-34. (BU Log-in)
Article on stories set in Boston by Robert B. Parker, Dennis Lehane, Richard Marinick, George V. Higgins, Linda Barnes, Jeremiah Healy, and others.



Stop! You're Killing Me!, includes mysteries set in Boston. Check the Boston University Libraries catalog for individual titles.



Selected Works

Online full texts are indicated by (PG) for Project Gutenberg and (IA) for the Internet Archive.

Anderson, Robert W.
After (1973) Mugar PS 3501 N34 A85M


Angoff, Charles
When I Was A Boy in Boston (1947) Mugar F73.5 A6 F4

Barnes, Linda
Big Dig (2002)
Cold Case (1997)
Heart of the World (2006)


Bellamy, Edward
Looking Backward (IA) (1888)


Bernays, Anne
Address Book (1983). Mugar PS3552.E728 A64 1983


Brogan, Jan
Final Copy


Cooper, James Fenimore
Lionel Lincoln; or The Leaguer of Boston (IA) 1825 Mugar PS 1409. L4 1984


Garland, Hamlin
Jason Edwards, An Average Man (IA) 1892 Mugar PS 1732. J37 1987M


Hawthorne, Nathaniel
A Blithedale Romance(PG) (1852) Mugar PS1855.A2 C35 1996


Holmes, Oliver Wendell 
The Guardian Angel(PG) (1867) Mugar PS 1961 E67
A Mortal Antipathy (PG) (1885) Mugar PS 1962 E91


Howells, William Dean.
 The Rise of Silas Lapham  (PG) (1885) Mugar PS2025 R6 F51
The Undiscovered Country (IA) (1880) Mugar PS2025.U6 E80
A Modern Instance (PG) (1882) Mugar PS2025.M6 F57
A Woman's Reason (IA) 1883 Mugar Spec Coll Y PS2025 .W55 1883
The Minister's Charge PG) (1887) Mugar PS2025 M5 E86
April Hopes (PG) (1888) Mugar PS2020 .F68
Literary Boston As I Knew It (PG) (1900) Mugar PS2033 .A6 1902
Roundabout to Boston (PG) (1900) Mugar PS2033 .A6 1902


James, Henry 
The American (PG) (1877) Mugar PS2116 .A6 1962
The Europeans (PG) (1878) Mugar PS2112 .S7 1983
The Bostonians (1886) Mugar PS2116 .B6 1966
A New England Winter from Tales of Three Cities (IA) (1884)


Keyes, Frances Parkinson
Joy Street (1950)


Lovecraft, H.P.
Pickman's Model (short story published in 1927) in the anthology, Tales. Mugar PS3523.O833 A6 2005


Marquand, J.P.
The Late George Apley (1937) Mugar PS3525.A75 L32 F46
H.M. Pulham, Esq. (1941) Mugar PS3525.A75 H2 F41


Martin, William
Back Bay (1979) Mugar Library PS3563.A7297 B3 1992


O'Connor, Edwin
The Last Hurrah (1956) Mugar PS3529.C65 L3 F56
The Edge of Sadness (1961) Mugar PS3529.C65 E4 F61


Santayana, George
The Last Puritan (1935) Mugar PS2772.L3 F35


Sinclair, Upton
Boston: A Novel (1928) Mugar Spec Coll Y PS3537.I85 B6 1928


Stafford, Jean
Boston Adventure (1944) Mugar PS3537.T15 B6M


Dorothy West
The living is easy (1982) Mugar PS3545.E82794 L5 1982


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