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Boston & Its Neighborhoods

3-D Smart Model of Boston, Boston Planning & Development Agency (click image to access)

Purpose of This Guide

Several years ago,  we compiled this guide to provide quick answers to frequently-asked research questions about Boston.  Since then we have continued to update and revise the guide to keep apace with the burgeoning increase in both online and print resources about the city and its environs.   We have been delighted to receive much positive feedback from  the B.U. community and even from web users around the world.

Although no online Boston guide can claim comprehensiveness,  this wide-ranging resource provides access to eclectic information on the “Athens of America” including: statistics, population, history, libraries, photographs and images, maps (current and historic), movies, plays, literature and television shows set in Boston, in addition to numerous other topics.

Use the navigation tabs on the left to view additional pages in the guide. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or comments.



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