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Boston & Its Neighborhoods

Boston Research Map

"Boston Research Map is an open source web mapping system tht is an ongoing project of the Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI) in conjunction with the WorldMap team (Harvard University).  It is intended to help faculty and their students, policymakers and practitioners, and community members to explore the neighborhoods of Boston from their computer."

The Map works with Overlays:  Place Location, Transportation, Health and Human Ecology, Society and Demographics, American Community Survey--US Census (2008-2010), Census 2010, Census 2000, American Community Survey (2005-2009), Historic Maps, Local Projects, Parcels, Political Boundaries and Areas, General.  Click on an Overlay for specific places and data.


Internet Archive

Boston Illustrated  Edward Stanwood. 1873. 


Boston Demographics

Boston Planning and Development Agency Research Division Analysis, March 2016

Click images to access reports.