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CGS Capstone Spring 2024

Finding Background Sources

Background information on the topic of your group project can help you focus and refine your research. It can provide you with a big picture context within which you can place your own work. It can provide information from reliable sources that provides a framework for readers of the report that your group produces.

Where to start? 

  • A database called CQ Researcher provides overviews of many current and controversial topics. It's an excellent starting point, providing an overview of the topic, historical background, current situation and future outlook, a chronology, maps and graphs, and a bibliography of additional sources.
  • Be sure to use the BU Libraries Search and search for your topic along with a keyword such as: dictionary, encyclopedia or handbook to locate helpful reference sources for your topic.

Finding Articles: Journals

Click here to search for journal titles within the the BU Libraries.

Finding Articles: Databases