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CGS Capstone Spring 2023

About News Sources

News sources are not the same as scholarly sources, but are valuable sources of information for the kind of topical projects that are included in Capstone 2022. They provide valuable information about contemporary issues as well as insight into how news about these issues is reported, shared, and understood by the public.

The BU Libraries provide access to news sources beyond what is freely available on the Web. These include newspapers, television, and radio, as well as other sources. 

The ProQuest Historical Newspapers databases provide full coverage of major newspapers back to the first dates they were published. They do not, however, include the most recent issues of those newspapers. More recent coverage is available from databases like Nexis Uni and Factiva, though these are more difficult to use. (Ask a librarian for help if you need it.)

Newspaper and broadcast news sources from the Libraries are listed below.


Newspaper pages