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Arab Women Writers


  • Myriam Antaki - Born in Damascus. Works: Verses of Forgiveness (trans. from French by Marjolijn de Jager, 2002).

  • Ulfat Idilbi - 1912-2007 in Damascus. Works: Sabriya: Damuscus Bitter Sweet (trans. from Arabic by Peter Clark, 1997); Grandfather's Tale (trans. from Arabic by Peter Clark, 1998).

  • Ghadah al Samman - born 1941 in Damascus. [Resides Beirut]. Works: The Square Moon: Supernatural Tale (trans. from Arabic by Iss J. Boullata, 1998).; Beirut 75 (trans. from Arabic by Nancy N. Roberts, 1995); Beirut Nightmares (trans. from Arabic by Nancy N. Roberts, 1997); The Night of the First Billion (trans. from Arabic by Nancy N. Roberts, 2005).

  • Samar Attar - born 1940 in Damascus. [ResidesAustralia]. Works: The House on Arnus Square (1998); Lina, a Portrait of a Damascene Girl (1994).

  • Samar Yazbek - born in Jableh 1970.  Short stories and a book  A Woman in the Crossfire: Diaries of the Syrian Revolution , 2012 in English.  For a video of Samar Yazbed click here