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Arab Women Writers


  • Evelyne Accad - born 1943 in Beirut.[Resides Lebanon and France]. Works: The Excised (trans. from French by David K. Bruner, 1994 ); Wounding Words: a Woman's Journal in Tunisia (trans. from French by Dr. Cynthia T. Hahn, 1996); Coquelicot du massacre = Poppy from the Massacre -- Bilingual Edition (trans. from French by Cynthia Hahn, 2006).

  • Huda Barakat - born 1952 in Bsharré. Works: The Stone of Laughter (trans. from Arabic by Sophie Bennett, 1995); The Tiller of Waters (trans. from Arabic by Marilyn Booth, 2001); Disciples of Passion (trans. from Arabic by Marilyn Booth, 2005). Won Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature, 2000.

  • Andree Chedid - born 1920 in Cairo. Works:The Sixth Day (trans. from French by Isobel Strachey, 1987); From Sleep Unbound (trans. from French by Sharon Spencer, 1983); The Return to Beirut (trans. from French by Ros Schwartz, 1989); The Multiple Child (trans. from Arabic by Judith Radke, 1995); Narcissus (trans. from Arabic by Marilyn Booth, 2002).

  • Etel Adnan - born 1925 in Beirut. [Resides USA, Paris, Lebanon. Writes in English and French.] Works: Sitt Marie Rose : a Novel / (trans. from French bu Georgina Kleege, 1982).

  • Emily Nasrallah - born 1931 in Kfeir, South Lebanon. [Resides Beifut]. Works: A House not her Own (trans. from Arabic by Thuraya Khalil-Khouri, 1992); Flight Against Time (trans. from Arabic by Issa J. Boullata, 1997).

  • Hanan al Shaykh- born 1945 in Beirut. [Resides London]. Works: The Story of Zahra (trans. from Arabic by Peter Ford, 1986); Beirut Blues(trans. from Arabic by Catherine Cobham, 1995); I Sweep the Sun off Rooftops (trans. from Arabic by Catherine Cobham, 1998); Women of Sand and Myrrh (trans. from Arabic by Catherine Cobham, 1989); Only in London (trans. from Arabic by Catherine Cobham, 2001); The Locust and the Bird ( from Arabic by Roger Allen 2009).