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Arab Women Writers


  • Leila Atrash - Born in Palestine. [Resides in Jordan]. Works: A Woman of Five Seasons (trans. from Arabic by Nora Nweihid Halwani and Christopher Tingley, 2002). VIDEO

  • Liana Badr - born 1950 in Jerusalem. Works: A Compass for the Sunflower (trans. from Arabic by Catherine Cobham, 1989); A Balcony over the Fakihani (trans. from Arabic by Peter Clark with Christopher Tingley, 1993); The Eye of the Mirror (trans. from Arabic by Samira Kawar, 1994).

  • Sahar Khalifeh - born 1942 in Nablus. Works:Wild Thorns (trans. from Arabic by Trevor LeGassick and Elizabeth Fernea, 1985); The Inheritance (trans. from Arabic by Aida Bamia, 2005); The End of Spring (trans. from Arabic by Paula Haydar, 2007); The Image, the Icon, and the Convenant (trans. from Arabic by Aida A Bamia, 2007). Won Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature, 2006.

  • Fadwa Tuqan - 1917-2003 born in Nablus. Works: A Mountainous Journey: an Autobiography (trans. from Arabic by Olive Kenny, 1990). Poet.