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African American Art & Artists

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BULS - Boston University Libraries Search

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A BULS search retrieves records for many types of material: books/ebooks, book chapters, articles/peer-reviewed articles, audio/music, dissertations, film/video, images, etc.

Search results may be in the hundreds or thousands.  Filters on the right eliminate unwanted results.  Most useful filters are available online, peer-reviewed articles, material type, publication date, author/creator, record source (JSTOR, for example), and language.

Alternatively, search parameters can be pre-set using Advanced Search or the setup in the black band under the search box (all items, that contain my query words, anywhere in the record).

How to Use BU Library Search provides tutorial videos and search strategy instructions.


Browse Library of Congress Subject Headings
Subject headings are used to target book results. But also search with your own keywords.

Browse by subject headings:    African American art

Journal Articles

In addition to BULS, articles can be found by searching the subject and general databases listed below. 

News & Newspapers