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Business Tutorial: MRI-Simmons Catalyst

About This Guide

MRI-Simmons Catalyst is a database that contains detailed consumer product usage and media information collected from the Simmons National Consumer Survey (NCS/NHCS), a national survey of U.S. consumers. Data includes: demographics, lifestyle, product usage and media exposure.

Examples of how you can use Simmons data and reports include:

  • Create demographic profiles of various groups such as cyclists or runners.
  • Compare demographics of people who are buyers of different brand names
  • Analyze how likely one demographic group engages in another activity versus another group


Logging in to Simmons Catalyst

Click on "Proceed" to access the MRI Simmons Insights database.

Click on Proceed to access MRI Simmons Insights database.


New and Old Interfaces

MRI Simmons has updated their user interface. When you load the homepage, look in the top right corner to see which version of MRI you are using.

If you see Launch 1.0, that means you are currently viewing the new ("2.0") interface, and should follow our newer 2.0 tutorials. To view the old version of MRI, click the Launch 1.0 button.

If you see Launch 2.0, that means you are currently viewing the old ("1.0") interface, and should follow our original 1.0 tutorials. To view the new version of MRI, click the Launch 2.0 button.

Note: Please LOG OUT when you are done using the database, and if you are unable to gain access, please try again later.
The LOG OUT button is located in the upper right hand corner.

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