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Floor Debates and Votes

The Congressional Record is the official record of speeches given on the floors of the House and Senate. It is published daily when Congress is in session. At the back of each daily issue is the "Daily Digest," which summarizes the day's floor and committee activities.

Source Document format Coverage
FDSys PDF or Text (Text only for 1994) 104th Congress to present  HTML (with link to PDF from FDSys) 104th Congress to present
American Memory GIFF or TIFF images 1st Congress to 43rd Congress
 HeinOnline  PDF

Bound=Vols. 1-157 pt. 14 (1873-2011) (43rd Congress, Special Session to 112th Congress, 1st Session)

Daily=Vols. 126-162 (1980-2016)

  • Bound edition
  • Daily edition 
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  April 8 1986-current

V.1-153+ 1873 - 2007+ 
Debates and Proceedings (Congressional Record and its predecessors)

Debates in Congress are written down and entered into the Congressional Record, often with other materials that congress people request be added in as well. It comes in two forms: the daily edition and the bound edition. You should indicate which version you're citing. Note that the speaker's name comes first. Add the state to reduce confusion.

Bound edition:

[Sen. or Rep.] Last Name (Abbreviated state.). "Title of Section," Congressional Record [volume number], Pt. [part number] (day mon. year) p[p]. [page range].


Rep. Coats (Ind.). "Hats off to IU Hoosiers," Congressional Record 133, Pt. 6 (31 Mar. 1987) p. 7336.

Daily edition:

[Sen. or Rep.] Name (Abbreviated state.). "Title of Section," Congressional Record (day mon. year). Daily ed. [page range].


Rep. Coats (Ind.). "Hats off to IU Hoosiers," Congressional Record (31 Mar. 1987) H1626.