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Legislative Information - U.S.


The U.S. Constitution requires that Representative in Congress represent an equal number of citizens in a given state. Because populations fluctuate, the Constitution also mandates a decennial census to determine the number of citizens and apportion seats to each state accordingly. Redistricting is the process of drawing boundaries for electoral and political districts in the U.S. and is usually done every ten years after the census. The process is often contentious; state and federal court systems can become involved in resolving disputes, particularly when  there are allegations of gerrymandering (for political advantage) or racial discrimination.

The site 
 All About Redistricting is an excellent source of information on this topic, and provides numerous maps, data and charts comparing states.

This image found in  America's Historical Newspapers
Source: Boston Commercial Gazette, published as BOSTON GAZETTE.  (Boston, Massachusetts)  •  03-26-1812  •  Page [2]

  Originally published in the Boston Centinel, 1812

District Demographics