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Fake News and News Bias

In the News NOW

Read a study by BU COM Professors Amazeen and Guo:

Vargo, Chris J, Guo, Lei,  Amazeen, Michelle A. The agenda-setting power of fake news: A big data analysis of the online media landscape from 2014 to 2016New Media & Society 6/15/2017. 

Also new:

Allcott H, Gentzkow M (2017) Social media and fake news in the 2016 election. Journal of Economic Perspectives 31(2): 211–236. Access through JSTOR Arts & Sciences.

Rutenberg, Jim. Waiting for Facebook To Share MoreNew York Times, 18 Sept. 2017, p. B1(L). Accessed 20 Sept. 2017.

Post was approached with false claim about Moore The Washington Post, November 28, 2017 Tuesday, A-SECTION; Pg. A16, 2389 words, Shawn Boburg; Aaron C. Davis; Alice Crites.  source: ProQuest Recent Newspapers; see also  Project Veritas seemingly caught feeding false Moore accusations to Washington Post  By Cristiano Lima 

Pew Study


The Pew Research Center published a 2014 study that dissects how Americans of varying political persuasions interact with each other and get informed about politics.
Of special interest:

From Political Polarization & Media Habits 10/21/14