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Emerging Media Studies

Tips for Finding Articles

Articles about this subject can be found in publications from a wide variety of disciplines. Use the databases on this page to get access to thousands of articles examining the subject from different perspectives or browse the key publications shown.

If the full text of an article is not available in a database, click on the sfxfind icon to find other options for getting the article.

Scanning & Digital Delivery (Faculty and Doctoral Students)

Article Databases

Search Tips for APA Databases in EBSCO

When searching the databases be as specific as possible in terms of search terms and if you don’t have good results with one term or combination of terms, think of synonyms that could also be used. A thesaurus is available in some databases, including PsycINFO.  Use the dropdown menus in the search boxes to limit to subject(s) if you are getting too many irrelevant items with the default search. The EBSCO databases, including PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES, PsycBOOKS, and Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection can be searched at the same time by clicking Choose Databases next to the title of a database and then choosing the additional databases you wish to search. Use the various limiters in the databases to limit to peer-reviewed articles, limit by date, and in databases such as PsycINFO, to limit by methodology,  including empirical studies, literature reviews, case studies, etc.  Some limiters may disappear when a number of databases are searched at the same time because not all databases provide the same limiters.

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