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The Back Bay of Boston

Article Databases

Article databases connect you to scholarly and academic discussions in journals and periodicals.  Some of them index articles in particular subject areas; others are multidisciplinary.  Once you choose your exhibit, try searching for articles about it.  It is best to use Advanced Search so you can customize your search.

Peer-reviewed or Refereed Journals

Peer-reviewed (sometimes called "Refereed"). Before articles are accepted for publication, they are closely read and critiqued by several scholars who study and do research in the same or a similar subject area.

Scholarly/academic.  These articles might be written by researchers but are accepted for publication by the journal's editor (or editorial staff) without peer review.

Click here for a video.

Google Scholar

Click on Settings.  Make RefWorks your Bibliography Manager.

Click on Settings.  Click on Library Links.  Add Boston University.