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CFA AR 890/AR 690 (online): Art Education Research

When you want to do keyword searching for a topic.


The 3 places to keyword search for articles on a topic are BULS, Subject Databases, and Google Scholar.


1.  Boston University Libraries Search (BULS).

1.  BULS searches for both articles and books.
2.  Type your keywords in the search box and hit return.
3.  A results page will display.
4.  "Sign In" with your BU login at the top right of the page.
5.  To the right of the results list, under Filters, click Peer-reviewed Journals.  (Click here for a video about peer review.)
6.  You can narrow the results using additional filters in the panel on the right labeled Active Filters.
7.  Under Active Filters, you can decrease the number of results in several ways:  author, publication date(s), journal title.

8.  BULS retrieves only full-text articles.  To make sure you are not missing other articles that may be important for your topic, when you are on the results page, click on "BU Library Resources" and then click "More Articles Beyond BU."

   See, for example.


2.  Subject Databases.

3.  Google Scholar

1. Click on the hamburger icon in the upper left hand corner.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Click on "Library Settings."

4. Type "Boston" in the search box and check "Boston University" in the list.

5. Go back and click on Bibliographic Manager.   RefWorks is a BU subscription.

6.Click on the hamburger icon again and this time choose "Advanced search" so you can "customize" your search.



When you have a citation.

When you have a reference (citation) to a journal article from another article, from a book, or from your professor, and you want to find the article, you can

Type the title of the article ( enclosed in quotation marks) in the Boston University Libraries (BULS) search box.

If the article does not appear among the results, then...

Type the name of the journal in the BULS search box. If the library has the journal online, match the publication year of the article you want with the database that contains that year.  For example, issues of the journal Art Education are available in several databases.  Click on the one that includes the year you need


Once you have the journal,  scroll to the year you need.  Below the year, the volume and number are provided along with your article's page numbers:

But if the library does not have the year you need, request the article via Interlibrary Loan.

Note:  Visual Inquiry: Learning & Teaching Art

You must type the name of this journal in BULS to access articles. 

Scroll down to the volume/issue/year that matches your citation.

When you want articles by a known author.

Google Scholar
See "Advanced Search" above. Type your author's name in the box called "Return articles authored by."


Art Full Text and Education Full Text
1. In the search box type your author’s name.  It must be last name first name, e.g., Marshall Julia.
2. Change Select Field (optional) to AU Author Personal.

1. Make sure you are in Advanced Search.
2. In the search box type your author's name.
3. Change "Anywhere" to "Author."

1. In the Advanced Search box, type “Julia Marshall.”
2. Change Full-Text to Author.