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Business Tutorial: WRDS

Where can I find historical betas for companies?

The CRSP database, available through Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), may be used to obtain year-end, daily beta.

  1. From the WRDS homepage, choose CRSP.  Next, select Stock/Portfolio Assignments under Annual Update.

    CRSP-Beta 1
  2. Click on Beta Deciles.

    CRSP-Beta 2
  3. Choose your date range.

  4. Under Apply Your Company Codes, click on Ticker and type the ticker symbol (Example: IBM) into the search box.

  5. Under Choose Data For Query, select which market you would like (NYSE/AMEX or NASDAQ). 

    CRSP-Beta 3
  6. Under Query Variables, select at the very minimum - beta value and date.

    CRSP- Beta 4

  7. Under Query Output, select Excel.

  8. Click on the Submit Query button and when the data output is complete, a link to the Excel file will appear.  Click on the link to the Excel file to access the downloaded data.

See our Beta Tutorial for additional information.

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