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A guide with information on accessing eBooks from a variety of publishers, subject areas, as well as how they can be used for your research.

About This Guide

Electronic books are becoming increasingly popular and the libraries at Boston University are adding a substantial number of e-Books to the library collections. Electronic books are available through a number of different providers, all of which have different limitations and capabilities.

The Tips for Use of e-Books section provides some information about the limitations and capabilities of some of the major providers.

Most of the electronic books are made available through paid subscriptions and can be used only by those affiliated with BU but there are also many open access e-Books available through various databases and those can be accessed by anyone. Electronic books can be found through library search    Type your search terms in the search box to find initial results, limit to Books using the limiters on the right side of the page below the search box and then choose Available Online.

(Original author, Meredith Kirkpatrick, 2021)