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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Education

Where is the Article?

will lead you to the full-text of articles.

Integrated into many databases, Find@BU will help you get the article in one of three ways:

- If BU has online access, provider links appear in the Find Online section of a BU Libraries Search record.

- If BU has the print journal, the library and the call number appear in the record. Go to the library and scan the article for free, using our easy self-service scanners.

- If the record indicates we do not have it, sign-in to BU Libraries Search, and a link will lead to our interlibrary loan request form

Most Comprehensive Article Databases

More Databases

Search Tips

Consider what database to use!  There is no single most important database - not even Google.  Be aware of differences such as the size of the database and if it uses a "controlled vocabulary".
- BU Libraries Search and Google Scholar - advanced algorithms with advantages/disadvantages
- other smaller databases available through BU / PsycINFO (curation), Education Full Text

Search Tips 
- How to select effective search terms: see the Living Language Guide 
    a. common search tips (truncate with *, use "" for phrase search, {grouping with synonyms}) 
    b. effective terms (methodology vs "study", "participants", author/experts, etc.) 

Tip: Try Forward Searching

Have you found a great article and want to see more like it?

Try forward searching - also known as "cited reference searching". This allows you to see if a particular article has been cited in more recent research. This is an excellent way to:

  • See if an article has been influential in the field. If an article has been cited many times, this can mean that it has had a strong impact on a given area of research.
  • Check to make sure you are getting the most current information. An author who has cited an article that you have found may provide you with more up-to-date information.
  • Find additional information on your topic.

These are two tools for forward searching:


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Interlibrary Loan

Our interlibrary loan service allows current BU faculty, staff, and students to request materials we don't have. Books generally take 1-3 weeks to arrive; articles are generally delivered electronically within 1-2 days.