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SAR OT 610: Health Promotion & Wellness

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About PubMed

PubMed is a comprehensive biomedical database covering all areas of the health sciences. Here are recommended MeSH headings and title/abstract [TIAB] keywords for searching PubMed:

  • "health promotion theor*"[TIAB]
  • "health promotion model*"[TIAB]
  • health belief model[MeSH]
  • transtheoretical model[MeSH]
  • theory of planned behavior[MeSH]
  • conditioning, psychological[MeSH]
  • social marketing[MeSH]
  • diffusion of innovation[MeSH]
  • adult learning theory[TIAB]
  • health promotion[MeSH] AND models, theoretical[MeSH]
  • "multi-theory model"[TIAB]

Example of a Search

Here is an example of how you might set up a search to look articles on the application of the health belief model and an individual's willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

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