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SAR OT 610: Health Promotion & Wellness

Database Links

About CINAHL & APA PsycInfo

Both CINAHL and APA PsycInfo are rich sources of articles about health promotion theories and their applications. CINAHL is a general allied health database, and APA PsycInfo is an excellent source of information about different theories as they relate to healthy behavior. 

Recommended keywords, keyword combinations, and phrases for searching both databases:

  • health promotion theor* (the * tells the database to look for theory OR theories OR theoretical)
  • health promotion methods AND theor*
  • health promotion AND theoretical orientation
  • health belief model
  • transtheoretical model
  • theory of planned behavior
  • reasoned action 
  • social learning theory (for social cognitive theory)
  • social marketing
  • diffusion of innovation
  • Freire AND adult education
  • multi-theory model

Example of a Search

Here is an example of how you might search for articles on a health promotion theory applied to a specific intervention or program.

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