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Web of Science Database

Article Searching in Web of Science

  • Topic or subject searching in Web of Science is easy and usually yields lots of results. Unlike some other databases, Web of Science uses common search language which means you can start with whatever keywords you would like to find articles for. If results are too broad, try adding a second keyword to narrow the results or add an author if you know of one that is active in that field of research.

  • Results of your search: You will get the most relevant articles first but have the option of sorting your results in various other ways: by date or by number of citations.
  • Refining your results: On the left hand menu, you can narrow or refine your results in several ways including whether or not you are looking for Review Articles (comprehensive summary of the current state of research on a topic offering a gold mine of information for someone wanting to learn about that subject), or Open Access articles (freely available online). Other limiters include: specific year, author, document type (whether it is an article, conference proceeding, book chapter, etc.) or the Web of Science assigned subject category.
  • In order to see the full-text of any articles, click on the Find@BU button which will automatically bring you to the BU Library Search and find the article that you are looking for. Should BU not own that journal, proceeding or book, you can request it online via our free Interlibrary Loan Service.


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