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HI338: The U.S. in the 50s and 60s

Primary Sources via the Libraries

Primary sources relevant to U.S. history can be found in many places. This section of the research guide highlights particular categories of primary sources and how to find them. Use the tabs on the left to get access to:

  • News sources
  • Government documents
  • Presidential communications
  • Personal & organizational histories
  • Primary sources in books

There are many more places and many more ways to find primary sources on different aspects of U.S. history. Use our contact information on this page or the Getting Help page for more specific help on a particular topic.

John Lewis interview Vietnam Protest  The Environmental Debate book cover 

Examples of primary sources available via the BU Libraries: Left to right, Video interview with John Lewis from The HistoryMakers African American Video Oral History Collection; 1969 New York Times article from ProQuest Historical Newspapers; The Environmental Debate: A Documentary History (e-book).



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