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Fact-Checking outside the U.S.

The Reporters’ Lab at Duke University maintains a database of global fact-checking sites.
The fact-checking database tracks more than 100 non-partisan organizations around the world that regularly publish articles or broadcast segments that assess the accuracy of statements made by public officials, political parties, candidates, journalists, news organizations, associations and other groups.

Full Fact (United Kingdom)
AFP Fact Check (France and around the world)

"AFP (Agence-France Presse) launched its digital verification service in France in 2017 with journalists in countries from the United States to Myanmar. They work with AFP’s bureaus worldwide to investigate and disprove false information, focusing on items which can be harmful, impactful and manipulative."   They frequently fact- check fake photos and videos as well. This is the best English language fact checker for non-USA fact-checks.



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