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Published by the American Press Institute

Brandtzaeg, Petter Bae and Asbjorn Folstad.  Trust and Distrust in Online Fact-Checking Services Communications of the ACM  September 2017, 60, no.9, 65-71

Fisher, Marc Who cares if it is true? Columbia Journalism Review, March/April 2014

Karlsson, Michael, Christer  Clerwal and Lars Nord    Do Not Stand Corrected: Transparency and Users' Attitudes to Inaccurate News and Corrections in Online Journalism. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 2017  94 no.1, 148-167.

McPhee, John. Checkpoints (Article on Fact-Checkers)  New Yorker 85, no. 1 February 9, 2009: 56–63

Sivek, Susan Currie and Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin  Where Do Facts Matter? The Digital Paradox in Magazines’ Fact-checking Processes  Journalism Practice, 2019 13:8, 998-1002



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