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African Science Fiction / Speculative Fiction

Guide to African Scifi (Tags: africa, africanfuturism, african scifi, afrofuturism, science fiction, scifi, speculative fiction)

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About This Guide

Image of Earth from space showing African continent


What is African Speculation Fiction? One definition of Speculative Fiction in  The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature is:

all genres that deliberately depart from imitating “consensus reality” of everyday experience. In this latter sense, speculative fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, and horror, but also their derivatives, hybrids, and cognate genres like the gothic, dystopia, weird fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, ghost stories, superhero tales, alternate history, steampunk, slipstream, magic realism, fractured fairy tales, and more

This definition is expansive and open to interpretation, but we will take it as our guide, with a particular emphasis on science fiction and fantasy.

What is African?  For the purposes of this guide, we will follow the collecting responsibilities of the BU African Studies Library.  This includes literature by African authors, selective literature about Africa by non-African authors, and literature from recent African Diaspora (immigrants and 2nd generation).  There is potential to incorporate this guide into a larger Afrofuturism guide including the literature of the African Diaspora.




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