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SS 103: Politics, Economies, and Social Change in the West: The Ancient World through the Enlightenment

How to Use This Guide

The resources presented in this guide support your research of primary documents and the historical periods in which they were created.  Use the navigation tabs to explore these types of information:

Primary Sources: Primary sources are resources that documented an event, person, place, or thing; they were created contemporaneously to their subject.  Examples include newspaper articles, diary entries, photographs, video recordings, and autobiographies.

Secondary Sources: While primary sources document lived experiences, secondary sources analyze and synthesize primary sources to provide a broader view of a topic.  Examples include scholarly history articles and books, documentary films, and dissertations

Tertiary or Background Sources: These sources draw upon the information in primary and secondary documents to provide a brief overview of a topic.  Examples include encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference sources.


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