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Reader's Guide to Boston


How To Use This Guide

While Boston University Libraries focus on collecting to support academic research, we want to support your leisure reading goals! This guide is for you whether you're a voracious reader, literary wanderer, and/or if you want to make more time for mental health during the school year. Find out where you can take a reading break and enjoy what Boston (and beyond) offers:

Reading for Pleasure at BU

Science Fiction at SEL 

The Science and Engineering Library has a science fiction reading corner. Visit in person, or browse by subject in BU Libraries Search and then use the Refine My Results menu on the right side of the page to limit your results to only the Science and Engineering Library to view their print collection. 

Children's and YA at Pickering

The Pickering Educational Resources Library supports the Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. As part of this support, Pickering has collections of children's and young adult books. View the collections!

Fiction at Mugar

BU Libraries use the Library of Congress Classification System to arrange our books, this means that books are grouped by topic. You can find fiction at Mugar by looking for call numbers that begin with the letters PR or PS. PR represents English literature, PS American. Most of the PR's are on the fourth and fifth floors of Mugar Library, all PS books are on the fifth floor. If you're interested in foreign language literature, you can check the LC classification table to see where that might be located. We also have a large number of eBooks, so try searching for titles and authors that you want to read in BU Libraries Search to find out if we have an eBook copy.

Where to look for literature in Mugar

Browse the Mugar stacks in the following range based on the publication date of the books you're interested in reading.

  • English Literature from 1770-1900 - PR3991-5990
  • English Literature from 1900-1960 - PR6000-6049
  • English Literature from 1961-2000 - PR6050-6076
  • English Literature from 2001-now - PR6100-6126
  • American Literature from 1800-1900 - PS991-3390
  • American Literature from 1900-1960 - PS3500-3549
  • American Literature from 1961-2000 - PS3550-3576
  • American Literature from 2001-now - PS3600-3626