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Polls and Public Opinion

Welcome to the world of polls and public opinion surveys. This guide lists both open access and by-subscription-only polls; resources on the process, and tools to aid in evaluating the quality of the data collected.

Key Databases, BULSearch Tips

If you're looking for a poll or public opinion research on a specific topic - say, abortion - search 

abortion public opinion  or  abortion poll

​BULSearch will retrieve a variety of materials: books, articles, government documents, etc. 

   The left side bar lets you limit to a particular format (resource type) or range of years; or you may want to limit to peer-reviewed articles:

     As always, when using ​BULSearch - don't forget to sign in!

Data within content (subject research)

Often polling information is provided within the context of an article or report discussing the topic. These sources are particularly useful in identifying research based on polls and public opinion:

If you're searching for public opinion on a specific topic, you'll be better off either searching BULSearch or a subject database. Here are a few of the major journals focusing on surveys, polls, and public opinion: