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Recent articles by BU Political Science authors

Manifesting the embedded developmental state: the role of South Korea's National Pension Service in managing financial crisis
Lee, Yaechan ; Grimes, William W.

Review of international political economy : RIPE, 2023, Vol.30 (5), p.1933-1956

Responsiveness and Responsibility in the EU Post-Pandemic Economic Governance
A Crespy, T Moreira Ramalho, V Schmidt
Special Issue of the Journal of European Public Policy, 2023

The Politics of Racist Dehumanization in the United States
Jardina, Ashley ; Piston, Spencer
Annual review of political science, Vol.26 (1), p.369-388, 2023

The Obama effect? Race, first-time voting, and future participation
Brown, Jacob R.
Political science research and methods, 1-18, 2023

The Effects of Dehumanizing Attitudes about Black People on Whites’ Voting Decisions
Jardina, Ashley ; Piston, Spencer
British journal of political science, Vol.52 (3), p.1076-1098, 2022

FICTION WORKS: Cultural ideas and the design of industrial relations systems in Britain and Denmark
Martin, Cathie Jo

Industrial relations (Berkeley) Vol.61 (1), p.50-67, 2022 

Serving the Law or Playing Politics? The Strategic Use of U.S. Attorney Appointments
Kinane, Christina M. ; Mattioli, Lauren

Presidential studies quarterly Vol.52 (1), p.107-139, 2022

County Over Party: How Governors Prioritized Geography Not Particularism in the Distribution of Opportunity Zones
Glick, David ; Palmer, Maxwell
British journal of political science Vol.52 (4), p.1902-1910, 2022

Understanding Coalitions in Battle
Rosella Cappella Zielinski and Ryan Grauer
The Journal of Strategic Studies. 45(2): 186-210, 2022

A century of coalitions in battle: Incidence, composition, and performance, 1900-2003
Cappella Zielinski, Rosella ; Grauer, Ryan
Journal of strategic studies, 45 (2), p.186-210, 2022

Still Muted: The Limited Participatory Democracy of Zoom Public Meetings
Einstein, Katherine Levine ; Glick, David ; Godinez Puig, Luisa ; Palmer, Maxwell
Urban affairs review (Thousand Oaks, Calif.),p.107808742110704,  2022

“Who Represents the Renters?”
Einstein, Katherine Levine, Joseph Ornstein, and Maxwell Palmer.
Housing Policy Debate. 2022

Freelance Revolutionist: Agnes Smedley in Wartime China, 1937-1941
Mayers, David
Diplomacy and statecraft Vol.33 (2), p.233-256, 2022

Review of Black Aliveness, or A Poetics of Being
Tatz, Erin
Theory & event Vol.25 (2), p.498-501, 2022

A Partisan Solution to Partisan Gerrymandering: The Define-Combine Procedure
Palmer, Maxwell, Benjamin Schneer, and Kevin DeLuca.
Working Paper, 2022

Competitiveness Revisited: Labour Costs, Financial Flows and the Case of Italy
Pérez, Sofia A.
German politics, 2021, Vol.30 (3), p.340-359

Cultural Images of Labor Conflict and Coordination: Literature and the Evolution of Industrial Relations Systems
Martin, Cathie Jo ; Nijhuis, Dennie Oude ; Olsson, Erik

Archives européennes de sociologie. European journal of sociology. Vol.62 (3), p.381-419, 2021

Electoral democracy and structural injustice
Journal of social philosophy, 2021

Competence versus Priorities: Negative Electoral Responses to Education Quality in Brazil.
Boas, Taylor C.; Hidalgo, F. Daniel; Toral, Guillermo
The Journal of politics, 2021, Vol. 83 (4), p.1417-1431

Perceptions of Public Health Priorities and Accountability Among US Mayors.
Luisa Godinez Puig; Katharine Lusk; David Glick; Katherine L. Einstein; Maxwell Palmer; Stacy Fox; Monica L. Wang
Public health reports, 2021, Vol.136 (2), p.161-171 

The Effects of Dehumanizing Attitudes about Black People on Whites’ Voting Decisions 
Jardina, Ashley ; Piston, Spencer 
British journal of political science, 2021, p.1-23 

Age is measured with systematic measurement error in developing country surveys: A diagnosis and analysis of consequences.
Rosenzweig, Steven C.  
Research & politics .8 (3) p.1-8, 2021

Dangerous Disconnect: Voter Backlash, Elite Misperception, and the Costs of Violence as an Electoral Tactic
Rosenzweig, Steven C.

Political behavior 43 (4), p.1731-1754, 2021

Land of the freeholder: how property rights make local voting rights
Einstein, Katherine Levine; Palmer, Maxwell

Journal of Historical Political Economy, 1(4), 499-530, 2021

Organizing for performance: coalition effectiveness on the battlefield 
Cappella Zielinski, Rosella ; Grauer, Ryan 
European journal of international relations, 2020, Vol.26 (4), p.953-978 

Do Mayors Run for Higher Office? New Evidence on Progressive Ambition 
Katherine Levine Einstein, David Matthew Glick, Maxwell Palmer, Pressel, Robert J.
American politics research, 2020, Vol.48 (1), p.197-221 

COVID ‐19, nationalism, and the politics of crisis: A scholarly exchange.
Woods, Eric Taylor ; Schertzer, Robert ; Greenfeld, Liah ; Hughes, Chris ; Miller‐Idriss, Cynthia 
Nations and nationalism, 2020, Vol.26 (4), p.807-825

Nationalism and Protest
Liah Greenfeld
SAIS Review of International Affairs, 2020 Vol.40,(2), p.5-14

How Neomercantilist Japan Became a Leading Defender of Economic Openness. 
Grimes, William W. 
Asia policy, 2020, Vol.27 (4), p.146-149 

Foreign direct investment screening and congressional backlash politics in the United States 
Canes-Wrone, Brandice, Mattioli, Lauren, Meunier, Sophie 
British journal of politics & international relations, 2020, Vol.22 (4), p.666-678 

The Pleasure(s) of Freedom.
Lida Maxwell
Theory & Event, 2020, Vol. 23 (1), p. 207-214

Theorizing institutional change and governance in European responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Schmidt, Vivien A. ;  
Journal of European Integration, 2020 Vol. 42, (8) , p. 1177-1193

Descended from Immigrants and Revolutionists': How Family Immigration History Shapes Representation in Congress.
James Feigenbaum, Maxwell Palmer, Benjamin Schneer.
Working Paper, 2019

Intersectionality, Depression, and Voter Turnout
Ojeda, Christopher; Slaughter Christine M.
Journal of health politics, policy and law Vol.44 (3), p.479-504, 2019

Neither Seen Nor Heard: Children's Citizenship in Contemporary Democracies
Elizabeth F Cohen
Citizenship Studies, Vol.9(2), p.221-240, 2005

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Mapping and visualization tool.
U.S. demographic, economic and social data by city, state, zip code, county or census tract.
Types of data include crime, housing, health, education and occupations.