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Pardee Library Course Reserves

One-stop site for all current course reserve links, questions, and information for Questrom School of Business courses.

About This Guide

This guide provides an overview of current Reserve policies and procedures, as well as a list of the current Course Reading Lists for Questrom School of Business classes. If you have any questions about the course Reserves process, please contact the guide author or Pardee Library Reserves staff at

What is BU Libraries Course Materials?

BU Libraries Course Materials (Leganto) is the platform through which BU Libraries provide course reserves to BU instructors and students. The interface allows for fast, direct, and flexible access. 
  • A wide variety of material can be shared with students through this tool - books and articles, print and online materials, videos, websites, and more.
  • Reading lists are generally prepared by Pardee Library staff and Questrom instructors can make updates, however, there are a few Questrom instructors that prefer to prepare their own lists. Regardless of the situation, library staff need to finalize and publish all reading lists before they are fully available to students.
  • The software connects easily with library resources, enabling seamless delivery of course materials.
  • Students can access the lists and the course content from any device.
  • Lists may be linked directly to learning management systems such as Blackboard and Questrom Tools.

Reserves Policies

Digitization Requests
Through the course reserves system, it is now easier than ever for the library to provide digital resources to students. Items that can be posted to BU Libraries Course Materials include: articles (electronic or print), links to ebooks, links to websites, videos, and PDF excerpts from print materials (such as book chapters) can be uploaded for students to access.
Instructors may use the Place Items on Reserves form, or the Faculty Scanning Requests form, to request that books, articles, or other assigned readings be added to BU Libraries Course Materials. For books that are available on-site at Pardee Library, you can also reach out to us directly for assistance.
It is important to remember that we are bound by Copyright and Fair Use policies. For example, we cannot scan and post an entire book online for students to access, however, we can scan individual chapters provided we stay within Fair Use. If you are uncertain about how much material you can post online, or what limitations are in place, please reach out to us with your questions.


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