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SAR HS 310/510 Management of Food & Nutrition Services

About this Guide

This guide is geared towards students taking SAR HS 310/510.. You will find sources of demographics, geospatial data, psychographic segmenting, and behavioral statistics. Please contact me using the information on the right if I can answer any questions about your research. I look forward to working with you!

Tips for Using this Guide

Here is an example that illustrates how to use this guide: suppose you want to find out if there is a market for health foods in the Back Bay Neighborhood of Boston. You might begin by:

1. Going to the Tracking Neighborhood Restaurants tab and selecting Data Axie Reference Solutions to find a listing of restaurants or stores in that neighborhood.

2. Next, you might want to consider demographic data for the neighborhood. Click on the Demographic & Geographical Data tab to find a source for getting to that data.

3. After gathering this data, you may want to find out some general trends in food preferences.among different populations. Go the the Behavioral & Psychographic Data tab and consider searching MRI Simmons Insight or Mintel.

4. To find more specific information about food preferences for a particular neighborhood or city, search one of the databases listed on the News Articles & Journals tab.

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