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Newspapers: International: About Foreign Newspaper Sources

BBC Country Profiles (Media)


Foreign newspaper content may be available:

  • through subscription databases ( usually not full newspaper, but  selective and/or print-only);
  • in a film05a microfilm archive;
  • free (but frequently edited and/or reformatted) on a newspaper’s website; or
  • for purchase on the site, on an article-by-article basis, discoverable through a freely searchable archive.

Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985 (London)



Frequently asked:

>> What are the major newspapers/media sources of a particular country?       
BBC country profiles provides updated, briefly annotated media lists by country and region.

>> How censored is the press in countries around the world?
     Reporters Without Borders compares in 
World Press Freedom Index 2017.

>> Can I borrow newspapers from other libraries? 
    If we can identify a film05a 
microfilm copy of the date you need, we will try to borrow it for you at no charge.

World Press Freedom Index (Annual)


>> Why does the library no longer subscribe to individual foreign newspapers?  
     Pricing models for newspapers are geared to individual subscribers, making it prohibitively expensive for a library to provide digital subscriptions to major world newspapers. Additionally, most libraries no longer provide print subscriptions to foreign newspapers due to 1) delivery time lag (up to 6 weeks), 2) cost and 3) storage problems.