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Mechanical Engineering


3D printing of liquid crystal elastomeric actuators with spatially programed nematic order
A Kotikian, RL Truby, JW Boley, TJ White, JA Lewis
Advanced materials 30 (10), 1706164, 2018

Arterial Extracellular Matrix: A Mechanobiological Study of the Contributions and Interactions of Elastin and Collagen
Chow, Ming-Jay ; Turcotte, Raphaël ; Lin, Charles P ; Zhang, Yanhang 
Biophysical journal Vol.106 (12), p.2684-2692, 2014  

A benchmark for the comparison of 3-d motion segmentation algorithms 
R Tron, R Vidal 
2007 IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern recognition, 1-8,  2007

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in blast-exposed military veterans and a blast neurotrauma mouse model
Goldstein, Lee E; Fisher, Andrew M; Tagge... Sharon, Andre ; Saman, Sudad ; Hall, Garth F ; Moss, William C ; Cleveland, Robin O ; Tanzi, Rudolph E ; Stanton, Patric K ; McKee, Ann C. 
Science translational medicine, Vol.4 (134), p.134ra60-134ra60, 2012 

Control and Communication Challenges in Networked Real-Time Systems
Baillieul, John ; Antsaklis, Panos J. 
Proceedings of the IEEE Vol.95 (1), p.9-28,  2007 

Co-optimization of power and reserves in dynamic T&D power markets with nondispatchable renewable generation and distributed energy resources
M Caramanis, E Ntakou, WW Hogan, A Chakrabortty, J Schoene
Proceedings of the IEEE 104 (4), 807-836, 2016

Design and control of compliant tensegrity robots through simulation and hardware validation
Caluwaerts, Ken ; Despraz, Jérémie ; Işçen, Atıl ; Sabelhaus, Andrew P. ; Bruce, Jonathan ; Schrauwen, Benjamin ; SunSpiral, Vytas
Journal of the Royal Society interface, Vol.11 (98), p.20140520-20140520, 2014

Diagnostics and control in the thermal spray process
Fincke, J.R ; Swank, W.D ; Bewley, R.L ; Haggard, D.C ; Gevelber, M ; Wroblewski, D. 
Surface & coatings technology, Vol.146, p.537-543, 2001 

Direct Writing of Gallium-Indium Alloy for Stretchable Electronics 
Boley, J. William ; White, Edward L ; Chiu, George T.-C ; Kramer, Rebecca K. 
Advanced functional materials, Vol.24 (23), p.3501-3507, 2014 

Effect of Sr Content and Strain on Sr Surface Segregation of La1–xSrxCo0.2Fe0.8O3−δ as Cathode Material for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Y Yu, KF Ludwig, JC Woicik, S Gopalan, UB Pal, TC Kaspar, SN Basu
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (40), 2016

Electromechanical resonators from graphene sheets
JS Bunch, AM Van Der Zande, SS Verbridge, IW Frank, DM Tanenbaum, ...
Science 315 (5811), 490-493, 2007

Enhanced solar evaporation using a photo-thermal umbrella for wastewater management
AK Menon, I Haechler, S Kaur, S Lubner, RS Prasher
Nature Sustainability 3 (2), 144-151 2020

Estimation of structural wave numbers from spatially sparse response measurements
JG McDaniel, WS Shepard Jr
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 108 (4), 1674-1682, 2000

A fully automated framework for control of linear systems from temporal logic specifications
M Kloetzer, C Belta
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 53 (1), 287-297, 2008 

A fully integrated paperfluidic molecular diagnostic chip for the extraction, amplification, and detection of nucleic acids from clinical samples
Liu, Lena ; Dewar, Rajan ; Rodriguez, Natalia Maria ; Wong, Winnie S. ; Klapperich, Catherine
Open BU 2016

Generalized Helmholtz–Kirchhoff model for two-dimensional distributed vortex motion
R Nagem, G Sandri, D Uminsky, CE Wayne
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 8 (1), 160-179 26 2009

Heterogeneous transmural proteoglycan distribution provides a mechanism for regulating residual stresses in the aorta
Azeloglu, Evren U; Albro, Michael B; Thimmappa, Vikrum A ; Ateshian, Gerard A; Costa, Kevin D. 
American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology Vol.294 (3), p.1197-1205, 2008 

Hybrid 3D printing of soft electronics
AD Valentine, TA Busbee, JW Boley, JR Raney, A Chortos, A Kotikian, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (40), 1703817, 2017

Increasing the Dimensionality of Soft Microstructures through Injection‐Induced Self‐Folding
Ranzani, Tommaso ; Russo, Sheila ; Bartlett, Nicholas W. ; Wehner, Michael ; Wood, Robert J. 
Advanced materials (Weinheim), Vol.30 (38), p.e1802739-  2018 

Machine Learning Force Fields: Construction Validation and Outlook
Botu, V ; Batra, R ; Chapman, J ; Ramprasad, R.
Journal of physical chemistry. C, Vol.121 (1), p.511-522, 2017

Measurements of bubble-enhanced heating from focused, MHz-frequency ultrasound in a tissue-mimicking material
Holt, RG ; Roy, RA  
Ultrasound in medicine & biology, Vol.27 (10), p.1399-1412, 2001

MEMS deformable mirrors
Bifano, Thomas
Nature photonics, Vol.5 (1), p.21-23,  2011

A metamaterial absorber for the terahertz regime: Design, fabrication and characterization
Tao, Hu ; Landy, Nathan I. ; Bingham, Christopher M. ; Zhang, Xin ; Averitt, Richard D. ; Padilla, Willie J. 
Optics express Vol.16 (10), p.7181-7188, 2008 

Nanoelectromechanical systems 
Ekinci, K. L ; Roukes, M. L 
Review of Scientific Instruments,  Vol.76 (6), p.061101-061101-12, 2005 

A novel methodology for the angular position identification of the unbalance force on asymmetric rotors by response polar plot analysis.  
Colín Ocampo, Jorge ; Gutiérrez Wing, Enrique S ; Ramírez Moroyoqui, Félix J ; Abúndez Pliego, Arturo ; Blanco Ortega, Andrés ; Mayén, Jan  
Mechanical systems and signal processing, Vol.95, p.172-186, 2017

A photon thermal diode
Chen, Zhen ; Wong, Carlaton ; Lubner, Sean ; Yee, Shannon ; Miller, John ; Jang, Wanyoung ; Hardin, Corey ; Fong, Anthony ; Garay, Javier E ; Dames, Chris
Nature communications, Vol.5 (1), p.5446-5446,  2014

Quantitative elasticity imaging: what can and cannot be inferred from strain images
Barbone, Paul E ; Bamber, Jeffrey C.  
Physics in medicine & biology Vol.47 (12), p.2147-2164,  2002 

Quantum mechanical actuation of microelectromechanical systems by the Casimir force
HB Chan, VA Aksyuk, RN Kleiman, DJ Bishop, F Capasso
Science 291 (5510), 1941-1944, 2001

Rectification of Ionic Current in a Nanofluidic Diode
Karnik, Rohit ; Duan, Chuanhua ; Castelino, Kenneth ; Daiguji, Hirofumi ; Majumdar, Arun 
Nano letters, Vol.7 (3), p.547-551, 2007 

Reducing the contact time of a bouncing drop
BIRD, James C ; DHIMAN, Rajeev ; KWON, Hyuk-Min ; VARANASI, Kripa K. 
Nature (London), Vol.503 (7476), p.385-388,  2013 

A review on mechanics and mechanical properties of 2D materials—Graphene and beyond
Deji Akinwande, Christopher J Brennan, J Scott Bunch, Philip Egberts, Jonathan R Felts, Huajian Gao, Rui Huang, Joon-Seok Kim, Teng Li, Yao Li, Kenneth M Liechti, Nanshu Lu, Harold S Park, Evan J Reed, Peng Wang, Boris I Yakobson, Teng Zhang, Yong-Wei Zhang, Yao Zhou, Yong Zhu
Extreme Mechanics Letters, 13, 42-77, 2017 

Rewiring translation for elongation factor Tu‐dependent selenocysteine incorporation
C Aldag, MJ Bröcker, MJ Hohn, L Prat, G Hammond, A Plummer, D Söll
Angewandte Chemie 125 (5), 1481-1485 2013

Role of acoustic cavitation in the delivery and monitoring of cancer treatment by high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).  
Coussios, C. C ; Farny, C. H ; Ter Haar, G ; Roy, R. A. 
International journal of hyperthermia, Vol.23 (2), p.105-120, 2007 

Snapping Surfaces 
Holmes, D.P ; Crosby, A. J 
Advanced materials (Weinheim), Vol.19 (21), p.3589-3593, 2007 

Social behavior for autonomous vehicles
W Schwarting, A Pierson, J Alonso-Mora, S Karaman, D Rus
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (50), 24972-24978 2019

Soft Robotics Technologies to Address Shortcomings in Today's Minimally Invasive Surgery: The STIFF-FLOP Approach. 
Cianchetti, Matteo ; Ranzani, Tommaso ; Gerboni, Giada...  Menciassi, Arianna 
Soft robotics, Vol.1 (2), p.122-131, 2014 

The space physics environment data analysis system (SPEDAS)
Angelopoulos, V.; Cruce, P.; Drozdov, A.; Grimes, E. W.; Hatzigeorgiu, N.; King, D. A.; Larson, D.; Lewis, J. W.; McTiernan, J. M.; Roberts, D. A.; Walsh, Brian M.  
Space Science Reviews, Vol. 215, Iss. 1, 1-46, 2019

Stable scheduling policies for fading wireless channels
A Eryilmaz, R Srikant, JR Perkins
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 13 (2), 411-424, 2005

Structure–function relationships of postnatal tendon development: A parallel to healing
BK Connizzo, SM Yannascoli, LJ Soslowsky
Matrix Biology 32 (2), 106-116, 2013

Thermoplastic Microfluidic Device for On-Chip Purification of Nucleic Acids for Disposable Diagnostics. 
Bhattacharyya, Arpita ; Klapperich, Catherine M. 
Analytical chemistry (Washington), Vol.78 (3), p.788-792, 2006

Trabecular bone modulus-density relationships depend on anatomic site 
Morgan, Elise F ; Bayraktar, Harun H ; Keaveny, Tony M
Journal of biomechanics, Vol.36 (7), p.897-904, 2003

Tuning Structure and Properties of Graded Triblock Terpolymer-Based Mesoporous and Hybrid Films
Phillip, William A ; Mika Dorin, Rachel ; Werner, Jörg ; Hoek, Eric M. V ; Wiesner, Ulrich ; Elimelech, Menachem 
Nano letters, Vol.11 (7), p.2892-2900,  2011 

A Tutorial on the Mechanisms, Dynamics, and Control of Atomic Force Microscopes
Abramovitch, D.Y ; Andersson, S.B ; Pao, L.Y ; Schitter, G. 
2007 American Control Conference p.3488-3502, 2007 

Understanding geometric instabilities in thin films via a multi-layer model
Lejeune, Emma ; Javili, Ali ; Linder, Christian 
Soft matter, Vol.12 (3), p.86-816, 2016 

Universal Noble Metal Nanoparticle Seeds Realized Through Iterative Reductive Growth and Oxidative Dissolution Reactions
O’Brien, Matthew N ; Jones, Matthew R ; Brown, Keith A ; Mirkin, Chad A 
Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.136 (21), p.7603-7606, 2014 

Validation of building energy modeling tools under idealized and realistic conditions
RYAN, Emily M ; SANQUIST, Thomas F. 
Energy and buildings Vol.47, p.375-382, 2012 

A wave approach to estimating frequency-dependent damping under transient loading
Journal of sound and vibration, Vol.231 (2), p.433-449, 2000