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JO543: Rescuing Lost Stories

Rescuing Lost Stories: Research Guide

This guide is designed to provide a wide range of online archival resources that you can use in rescuing lost stories. It is only a sample of the many resources available to you, including databases, ebooks, and other sources provided by the BU Libraries and others that are available to anyone on the Internet.

There may be other sources for your particular topics, and specific ways to use the resources here for your specific needs. (And even more once BU's Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center and the rich resources it contains are open again.)

As noted in class, you can contact me directly for help exploring a topic you are thinking about, finding and using archival content on that topic, or anything else you need help with. No question is too big or small.

Contact me at if you need help. If necessary, we can arrange a Zoom meeting. If I'm not available, use the Ask a Librarian page to get help via email, chat, or text.

(For a sampling of my own efforts at rescuing lost stories, see my Brookline history blog Muddy River Musings.)

Ken's Lost Stories