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Recent articles by BU authors

Can Business Rights Alleviate Group-Based Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa? Understanding the Limits to Reform
Scott D. Taylor
The Journal of Development Studies, 55, 2019 (3), 420-436

Liberalization by inertia: The politics of land reform under Zambia's movement for multiparty democracy, 1991-2011
Taylor, SD

On Pan‐Africanism and Secession: Thinking Anti‐Colonialism from South Sudan
Mondesire, Zachary
Transforming anthropology, 2021, Vol.29 (1), p.29-42

Eastbound and down: The United States, NATO enlargement, and suppressing the Soviet and Western European alternatives, 1990-1992
Shifrinson, Joshua R. Itzkowitz
Journal of strategic studies, 2020-11-09, Vol.43 (6-7), p.816-846

Competence versus Priorities: Negative Electoral Responses to Education Quality in Brazil.
Boas, Taylor C.; Hidalgo, F. Daniel; Toral, Guillermo
The Journal of politics, 2021, Vol. 83 (4), p.1417-1431

Perceptions of Public Health Priorities and Accountability Among US Mayors.
Luisa Godinez Puig; Katharine Lusk; David Glick; Katherine L. Einstein; Maxwell Palmer; Stacy Fox; Monica L. Wang
Public health reports2021, Vol.136 (2), p.161-171 

The Effects of Dehumanizing Attitudes about Black People on Whites’ Voting Decisions 
Jardina, Ashley ; Piston, Spencer 
British journal of political science2021, p.1-23 

Age is measured with systematic measurement error in developing country surveys: A diagnosis and analysis of consequences.
Rosenzweig, Steven C.  
Research & politics2021, Vol.8 (3) p.1-8

Organizing for performance: coalition effectiveness on the battlefield 
Cappella Zielinski, Rosella ; Grauer, Ryan 
European journal of international relations, 2020, Vol.26 (4), p.953-978 

Do Mayors Run for Higher Office? New Evidence on Progressive Ambition 
Katherine Levine Einstein, David Matthew Glick, Maxwell Palmer, Pressel, Robert J.
American politics research2020, Vol.48 (1), p.197-221 

COVID ‐19, nationalism, and the politics of crisis: A scholarly exchange.
Woods, Eric Taylor ; Schertzer, Robert ; Greenfeld, Liah ; Hughes, Chris ; Miller‐Idriss, Cynthia 
Nations and nationalism2020, Vol.26 (4), p.807-825

Nationalism and Protest
Liah Greenfeld
SAIS Review of International Affairs, 2020 Vol.40,(2), p.5-14

How Neomercantilist Japan Became a Leading Defender of Economic Openness. 
Grimes, William W. 
Asia policy2020, Vol.27 (4), p.146-149 

Foreign direct investment screening and congressional backlash politics in the United States 
Canes-Wrone, Brandice, Mattioli, Lauren, Meunier, Sophie 
British journal of politics & international relations, 2020, Vol.22 (4), p.666-678 

The Pleasure(s) of Freedom.
Lida Maxwell
Theory & Event, 2020, Vol. 23 (1), p. 207-214

Theorizing institutional change and governance in European responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Schmidt, Vivien A. ;  
Journal of European Integration, 2020 Vol. 42, (8) , p. 1177-1193


Mapping and visualization tool.
U.S. demographic, economic and social data by city, state, zip code, county or census tract.
Types of data include crime, housing, health, education and occupations.

Four databases covering political science, public policy and related fields.

Subject coverage

  • Comparative politics
  • Electoral systems
  • Environmental and energy policy
  • Government
  • International relations
  • Political behavior
  • Political economy
  • Political science
  • Public policy