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International Relations / Global Studies

FOREIGN  AFFAIRS (Hein Online)  v.1, 1922-

FOREIGN AFFAIRS  (Ebsco) v.1, 1922-

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Manifesting the embedded developmental state: the role of South Korea's National Pension Service in managing financial crisis
Lee, Yaechan ; Grimes, William W.
Review of international political economy : RIPE, 2023, Vol.30 (5), p.1933-1956

Responsiveness and Responsibility in the EU Post-Pandemic Economic Governance
A Crespy, T Moreira Ramalho, V Schmidt
Special Issue of the Journal of European Public Policy

Practices and Needs in Reintegration Programs for Violent Extremist Offenders in the United States: The Extremist Perspective
JE Stern, MK McBride, JL Mellea, E Savoia
Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 1-30, 2023

When private governance impedes multilateralism: The case of international pesticide governance
F Kinniburgh, H Selin, NE Selin, M Schreurs
Regulation & Governance 17 (2), 425-448, 2023

The human–technical–environmental systems framework for sustainability analysis
H Selin, NE Selin
Sustainability Science 18 (2), 791-808, 2023

Exploring the Relationship between Anemia and Postpartum Depression: Evidence from Malawi
Cheng, Zijing ; Karra, Mahesh ; Guo, Muqi ; Patel, Vikram ; Canning, David
International journal of environmental research and public health Vol.20 (4), p.3178,  2023

Unwanted Family Planning: Prevalence Estimates for 56 Countries
Canning, David ; Karra, Mahesh
Studies in family planning, Vol.54 (1), p.75-93, 2023

Climate Shocks and Gendered Political Transformation: How Crises Alter Women’s Political Representation
Brulé, Rachel
Politics & gender, p.1-7, 2023

Writing IR after COVID-19: Reassessing Political Possibilities, Good Faith, and Policy-Relevant Scholarship on Climate Change Mitigation and Nuclear Disarmament
Pelopidas, Benoît ; Verschuren, Sanne Cornelia J
Global Studies Quarterly, Vol.3 (1) 2023

Productive efficiency, structural change, and catch-up within Africa
EB Mensah, S Owusu, N Foster-McGregor
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 65, 78-100, 2023

Making EU Economic Governance Fit for Purpose: Investing in the Future and Reforming the Fiscal Rules While Decentralizing and Democratizing
VA Schmidt
Reform of the EU Economic Governance–Why and How?, CESifo EconForum 2023

Trade for catch-up: examining how global value chains participation affects productive efficiency
G Ndubuisi, S Owusu
Journal of Productivity Analysis 59 (2), 195-215, 2023

No Apology Necessary? How Narratives Impact Redress for Colonialism in Namibia and India
MC Miller
International Affairs 2023

Modi Comes to Washington: Prospects and Challenges for India-US Relations
MC Miller
The Diplomat 2023

The Global South and Climate Coverage: From News Taker to News Maker
Ejaz, Waqas ; Najam, Adil
Social media + Society Vol.9 (2), 2023

Terrorists and the Boston-Area Institutions of Higher Learning that Educated Them
John Woodward

Intelligencer: Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies
, Winter-Spring (27 (1)  29-38, 2022 

Measurement of Unmet Need for Contraception: A Counterfactual Approach
Karra, Mahesh
Studies in family planning, Vol.53 (4), p.657-680, 2022

The Genesis of Miracle Stories in Jihad
de la Paz, Alexander
International studies quarterly, Vol.66 (4) 2022

Possible Citizens: Migration Enforcement as the Performance of Citizenship in the United Arab Emirates
N Lori
International Migration Review 56 (3), 727-753, 2022

Citizens-in-waiting: strategic naturalization delays in the USA and UAE
N Lori
Ethnic and Racial Studies 45 (6), 1075-1095, 2022

The Politics of the Fatwa: Islamic Legal Authority in Modern Indonesia
Menchik, Jeremy
Indonesia (Ithaca), Vol.114 (1), p.75-97, 2022

The Fiscal Impacts of Trade and Investment Treaties
Dutt, Devika ; Gallagher, Kevin P.
International journal of political economy, Vol.51 (3), p.176-207, 2022

Assessing the climate change exposure of foreign direct investment
Xia Li & Kevin P. Gallagher 
Nature Communications volume 13, Article number: 1451, 2022

Manifesting the embedded developmental state: the role of South Korea’s National Pension Service in managing financial crisis
Lee, Yaechan; Grimes, William W. 
Review of International Political Economy,  2022

The causal effect of a family planning intervention on women’s contraceptive use and birth spacing
Mahesh Karra, Dan Maggio, Muqi Guo, Bagrey Ngwira, David Canning
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.  119(22): e2200279119, 2022

On Pan‐Africanism and Secession: Thinking Anti‐Colonialism from South Sudan
Mondesire, Zachary
Transforming anthropology, Vol.29 (1), p.29-42, 2021

Islam and Institutional Religious Freedom in Indonesia
Hefner, Robert W.
Religions (Basel, Switzerland ), Vol.12 (6), p.415, 2021

Competence versus Priorities: Negative Electoral Responses to Education Quality in Brazil.
Boas, Taylor C.; Hidalgo, F. Daniel; Toral, Guillermo
The Journal of politics, Vol. 83 (4), p.1417-1431, 2021

Perceptions of Public Health Priorities and Accountability Among US Mayors.
Luisa Godinez Puig; Katharine Lusk; David Glick; Katherine L. Einstein; Maxwell Palmer; Stacy Fox; Monica L. Wang
Public health reports, Vol.136 (2), p.161-171, 2021 

The Effects of Dehumanizing Attitudes about Black People on Whites’ Voting Decisions 
Jardina, Ashley ; Piston, Spencer 
British journal of political science, p.1-23, 2021 

Age is measured with systematic measurement error in developing country surveys: A diagnosis and analysis of consequences.
Rosenzweig, Steven C.  
Research & politics, Vol.8 (3) p.1-8, 2021

Twenty Years after Leave None to Tell the Story, What Do We Now Know about the Genocide of the Tutsi In Rwanda?
Longman, Timothy
Journal of Humanitarian Affairs, Vol.2 (2), p.40-47, 2020

Organizing for performance: coalition effectiveness on the battlefield 
Cappella Zielinski, Rosella ; Grauer, Ryan 
European journal of international relations, Vol.26 (4), p.953-978 2020 

Eastbound and down: The United States, NATO enlargement, and suppressing the Soviet and Western European alternatives, 1990-1992
Shifrinson, Joshua R. Itzkowitz
Journal of strategic studies, Vol.43 (6-7), p.816-846, 2020

Do Mayors Run for Higher Office? New Evidence on Progressive Ambition 
Katherine Levine Einstein, David Matthew Glick, Maxwell Palmer, Pressel, Robert J.
American politics research, Vol.48 (1), p.197-221, 2020,  

COVID ‐19, nationalism, and the politics of crisis: A scholarly exchange.
Woods, Eric Taylor ; Schertzer, Robert ; Greenfeld, Liah ; Hughes, Chris ; Miller‐Idriss, Cynthia 
Nations and nationalism, Vol.26 (4), p.807-825, 2020

Nationalism and Protest
Liah Greenfeld
SAIS Review of International Affairs, Vol.40,(2), p.5-14, 2020

How Neomercantilist Japan Became a Leading Defender of Economic Openness. 
Grimes, William W. 
Asia policy, Vol.27 (4), p.146-149 2020 

Foreign direct investment screening and congressional backlash politics in the United States 
Canes-Wrone, Brandice, Mattioli, Lauren, Meunier, Sophie 
British journal of politics & international relations, Vol.22 (4), p.666-678, 2020 

The Pleasure(s) of Freedom.
Lida Maxwell
Theory & Event, Vol. 23 (1), p. 207-214, 2020

Theorizing institutional change and governance in European responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Schmidt, Vivien A. ;  
Journal of European Integration,  Vol. 42, (8) , p. 1177-1193, 2020

Can Business Rights Alleviate Group-Based Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa? Understanding the Limits to Reform
Scott D. Taylor
The Journal of Development Studies, 55 (3), 420-436, 2019

Liberalization by inertia: The politics of land reform under Zambia's movement for multiparty democracy, 1991-2011
Taylor, SD
History Compass 15(3), 2017

Four databases covering political science, public policy and related fields.

Subject coverage

  • Comparative politics
  • Electoral systems
  • Environmental and energy policy
  • Government
  • International relations
  • Political behavior
  • Political economy
  • Political science
  • Public policy


Mapping and visualization tool.
U.S. demographic, economic and social data by city, state, zip code, county or census tract.
Types of data include crime, housing, health, education and occupations.