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WR150/152: Future, Futurism, and Technology

A guide to research for students of WR150/152 w/ instructor Jordan Kokot

6 Feb 2019 Activities

Academic Journals

Take a look at the peer-reviewed journal Philosophy.  It contains examples of scholarly humanities papers.

Contrast that with Nature Cell Biology, a peer-reviewed journal publishing articles from natural scientists.


Review Articles

Below are examples of review articles, articles that survey the state of research in a given area.  Reviews are not "original research," per se, but they are important components of scholarly communication:

Ding, S., Li, H., Su, C., Yu, J., & Jin, F. (2013). Evolutionary artificial neural networks: A review. Artificial Intelligence Reviews 39(3): 251-260.

Krogsbøll, L., Jørgensen, K. J., & Gøtzsche, P. C. (2019). General health checks in adults for reducing morbidity and mortality from disease. Cochrane Systematic Review-Intervention 11(10): ED000047. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD009009.pub3


Popular Sources

Sometimes it is necessary to use non-scholarly sources in your academic writing.  They can be found all over the Internet, but the quality varies wildly.  You can use the Reader's Guide database to find some good articles.


Questionable Sources

If you find a promising source for your research, but you aren't sure if it's appropriate for academic writing, ask your instructor or a librarian about it.  We can help you figure out if it will work for you and how to incorporate it into your paper.



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