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WR150/152: Future, Futurism, and Technology

A guide to research for students of WR150/152 w/ instructor Jordan Kokot

Exhibit Sources: Images

This 2007 photo by Chris Steele-Perkins shows Honda's ASIMO robot serving beverages.

Exhibit Sources: Newspapers and Magazines


New York Times article, November 14, 1993. From ProQuest Historical Newspapers database

Exhibit Sources: Blogs and Social Media

Searching for emerging technologies items on Twitter?  Here are some hashtags that you might want to search for:

  • #AI
  • #artificialintelligence
  • #crispr
  • #deeplearning
  • #geneediting
  • #geoengineering
  • #nanotechnology
  • #robotics
  • #transhumanism


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