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Open & Affordable Educational Resources

Graphic of textbook "Free the textbook"What are open educational resources?

Open Educational Resources are educational materials--such as courses, assignments, syllabi, and textbooks--that are open for anyone to use and, depending on the license, to re-mix, improve, and redistribute.

Image created by Libby Levi for and used under CC-BY license.

General Resources

You can find all types of OERs on the following sites:

Open Books & Textbooks

Open Textbook Catalogs

The sites listed below collect links to open textbooks from a variety of sources.

Open Textbook Collections

The sites below are collections of open textbooks created by open education publishers.

Open E-books

The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) contains almost 9000 books and book chapters that are freely available. You can search the DOAB in the BU Library Search, where you'll also be able to find additional e-book collections to which the BU Libraries has access.

Our research guide to e-books includes a page on open e-books, with links to smaller, more specialized databases of open e-books.


Guide Author

Barbara Maratos
Literature & Languages Librarian