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Open & Affordable Educational Resources

What is affordable course content?

Affordable course content are course materials that are provided to students freely or at a low cost.  These include open educational resources, but can also include library-licensed materials or scholarly material provided at-cost to students. 


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BU Libraries Search - Finding Course Content

Use the Advanced Search feature of the BU Libraries search to find course content including ebooks, book chapters, articles, videos and more.  Limit results by material type to narrow search results.  For more information, see the Search Help guide.

Course Content thru BU Libraries

BU Ebook Collections - (Note: this is not a comprehensive list - use the BU Libraries search for more complete results)


Find more BU eBook collections:

Finding ebook collections

Search BULS for a specific journal article by using the Journals search feature:

EJournals Search

BU audio & video collections:


Find audio and video materials using the BU Libraries search:

Other Low-Cost Options


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