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Musical Theater and Opera

Scores, Recordings, Videos, Librettos

Resources are extensive--but--not in a single location because of format or condition.

Browse stacks for scores, recordings, videos, librettos

M1500  full scores; complete recorded performances and videos usually include libretto and translation

M1503  complete piano-vocal scores, and recorded selections, both usually include lyrics with translation

M1507-08  piano-vocal anthologies of arias or show selections

Table 7A  anthologies by vocal range from musicals and Nico Castel opera librettos with IPA

ML48-ML50  separately published librettos and lyrics; older librettos housed in Rm 209, Bay 40

 "Vintage" stage and film single song sheets housed in Rm 209, Bay 68

Dance orchestra scores and parts, housed in Rm 209 top perimeter, 10-29

Search via BU Library search  consider narrowing results by Material type, Language, etc.

for writings about people, topics, genres consider using Advanced Search by Subject keywords

 Sondheim; Opera Russia; Musicals

for certain title searches, consider using Advanced Search, Title Starts With,

              1776;  Ring;  Pippin; Nixon in China

when in basic search,  type enough relevant keywords, use of quotes for phrases can help

Tobias Picker opera Claiborne; Puccini Un bel di;  "bushel and a peck"

Finally:  Boston University's Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center houses significant and unique collections, many connected to music and the performing arts. After discovering HGARC items you wish to consult--search their site in addition to BULS--next be sure to contact them at to arrange your visit.

Hear the original Red Detachment of Women, revolutionary Chinese Ballet, in Music's Listening Room

A 1971 recording ot The Red Detachment of Women is in the Music Library's Listening Room.

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