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Musical Theater and Opera

portion of soprano aria showing melodic variants pasted in, Volta la terrea from Verid's Ballo


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at the Wheelock Jan 25-Feb 17

portion of coloratura aria Volta la terrea (Verdi, Un Ballo),
library copy includes melodic variants pasted in

Featured Collections

Need an encore?  A Fox Trot?  Originals or arrangements in score? Find a surprise?

Arranged by song title, this is one of dozens of boxes of parts sets in the McGrew Dance Orchestra Collection.

Two score collections that are right here, just not in the open stacks, are ready for browsing: the Music Theater and Film songs cases (Mugar Rm 209, Bay 68), and, the McGrew Dance Orchestra Collections (Mugar Rm 209, perimeter 10-29). It's easy to set you up and with a simple keyboard if you like; these items may be borrowed, too.


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