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HI 482- Maritime Asia

Book by Prof. Eugenio Menegon

Pacifying the South China Sea

This work was commissioned to commemorate the end of the early 19th century piracy crisis.

History Collections at the BU Libraries

The B.U. libraries have an excellent collection of resources on U.S. history.   This selective guide will highlight many useful sources in different formats: print, electronic, microfilm and video.   Since it is not possible to provide a comprehensive list of all the library resources, please contact the History bibliographer if you have any questions about the collection.

The Library maintains a research-level collection to support the research and teaching of the history department, as well as many other disciplines and programs with historical interests. The collection ranges across virtually all of the major geographical and chronological fields recognized by the discipline.

Collection location

The B.U. history collection is mostly housed in Mugar Library but many materials can also be found in the Fineman and Pappas Law Library and the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, among other locations. The collections include microfilm editions of important research materials, including personal papers and newspapers and magazines.

Purchase Recommendation Form

If you want to recommend a library book purchase, please contact us and we will consider obtaining the title if it meets our collection guidelines.


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