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Language Learning: Hausa

Latest Headlines: BBC News in Hausa

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Multimedia Language Learning

The Geddes Language Center has a number of Hausa audio resources, including Hausar Baka.

200 Word Project (Boston University) Learn 200 commonly-used words in Hausa.  Features audio and visual illustration.

Internet Archive: Search the Internet Archive for text and audio Hausa Language Material.



Profiles in Nigerien Artisanry: The Artists of Niamey: Boston University African Studies Center
The Niger Artisans Project consists of 12 candid conversations with artisans working in Niamey, Niger. The artisans featured here fall into a category more closely related to the corresponding Hausa term ma’aikatan hannu, or people who work with their hands.  Each interview includes a transcription in Ajami. 

Hausa Proverbs: Boston University African Studies Center Ten advanced level Hausa lessons, each linked to a Hausa proverb. For each proverb, there is a video containing an improvised skit intended to reflect the meaning of the proverb.  Performed by Æ˜ungiyar Yazi Dogo.

Youtube : Users /HausaMoviesTV and /sulei1000 post feature-length films.



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