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Business Tutorial: Bloomberg

Data Downloading Policy

The Bloomberg terminal has a strict monthly data downloading limit (exporting data to Excel). Patrons should NOT download data without first speaking to a Pardee reference librarian. Students can use the Screenshot function to capture data without affecting the data downloading limit. This function enables students to email screenshots to themselves. Students can take multiple screenshots in order to capture the data that they need.

Data Downloading in Questrom Labs

In order to download data into Excel using this tutorial, the Bloomberg API Plug-In must be installed. Questrom students can download data using the 15 other terminals located in the Questrom building, but the plug-in must be installed each time a student logs into a new terminal.

For installation instructions, see our Bloomberg for Questrom page below on this guide.

Downloading Data using the Bloomberg Spreadsheet Builder


Downloading Data using the Bloomberg Spreadsheet Builder


DAPI <GO> Bloomberg Excel Add-In Menu - Provides information on Bloomberg formulas and functions.

Bloomberg Formula Syntax:
BDH (Bloomberg Data History) downloads the historical data for a selected security and time frame.
BDP (Bloomberg Data Point) downloads data to a single cell in the Excel spreadsheet. This formula is used for only one security and one field.
BDS (Bloomberg Data Set) downloads descriptive data to the Excel spreadsheet and uses multiple cells.

Step 1: Click on Spreadsheet Builder.


Step 2: Click on Historical Data Table then click on the Next button.


Step 3: For Example - SPX 500 Index
Type the ticker symbol (SPX) in the All Securities box.  Click on SPX Index to select the index. Click on the Next button.


Step 4: Type Last Price in the All Fields box. Click on Last Price PX_LastClick on the Next button.


Step 5: Select the date range. Click on the Next button.


Step 6: Click on the Finish button.


Step 7: Historical prices for the S&P 500 Index will be downloaded into Excel.

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