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Business Tutorial: Bloomberg

Bloomberg Market Concepts Program (BMC)

The Frederick S. Pardee Management Library currently provides students access to the Bloomberg Market Concepts at Boston University. The Bloomberg Market Concepts is designed to provide users with an introduction to the Bloomberg Professional Service. BMC training uses a series of Training Pages to introduce users to basic Bloomberg functionality with the Core Program and a supplementary Market Sector Program to help users become familiar with finding data and market information using Bloomberg.


Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is an 8 hour self-paced e-learning course that provides an introduction to financial markets. BMC consists of 8 modules – Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, Equities, Terminal Basics, Commodities, Equity Options and Portfolio Management  – woven together from Bloomberg data, news and analytics. You will need to only complete Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities in order to earn a Bloomberg Certificate.

By taking BMC, you will:
>> Learn about the financial markets via 35 learning outcomes.
>> Familiarize yourself with over 100 Bloomberg terminal functions.
>> Solidify your knowledge with over 160 interactive questions.

Course Modules

Economic Indicators - 1 hour (*Bloomberg Certificate Requirement)

• The Primacy of GDP
• Monitoring GDP
• Forecasting GDP

Currencies - 1 hour (*Bloomberg Certificate Requirement)

• Currency Market Mechanics
• Currency Valuation
• Central Banks and Currencies
• Currency Risk

Fixed Income - 3 hours (*Bloomberg Certificate Requirement)

• The Roots of the Bond Market
• Bond Valuation 
• Central Bankers and Interest Rates
• The Yield Curve and Why It Matters
• Movements in the Yield Curve

Equities - 3 hours (*Bloomberg Certificate Requirement)

• Introducing the Stock Market
• The Nature of Equities
• Equity Research
• Absolute Valuation
• Relative Valuation

Terminal Basics - 2 hours

• Using the Terminal
• Analyzing the Market
• Exploring the Equity Market
• Discovering the Fixed Income Market
• Building an Equity Portfolio

Portfolio Management - 2 hours

• Defining a Portfolio Manager
• Generating Ideas for a Portfolio 
• Building an Equity Portfolio
• Analyzing a Portfolio
• Assessing Portfolio Risk

Commodities  - 2 hours

• Introduction to Commodities
• Commodity Fundamentals
• Commodity Players
• Commodities Trading

Equity Options  - 2 hours

• Introduction to Stock Options
• Using the Language of the Options Market
• The Role of a Stock Options Trader
• Basic Multi-leg Strategies


As you work through the modules,  there are mini quizzes after each section. Each module has a video component and a navigation panel on the right with a progress indicator (orange circle) that displays how much of the program you have completed when you hover over the progress circle.


Certificate of Completion

After completing BMC, the "Certificate" link on the start page will be activated so you can download your certificate of completion.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to BMC?

Access to BMC is valid for one year from the registration date. After expiration, you will no longer have access to the course modules, but you will still be able to log into your account to review scores and access Talent Search features. Please not that your BMC expiration is independent of your Terminal login expiration. 

Can I pause a module and resume it at a later date?

Yes. When you log back into the module, it will reopen where you left off.

Can I just do one module?

Yes. However to earn the certificate of completion you must complete all modules.

When do I get the certificate?

When you log in at BMC<GO>, your certificate will be downloadable from the course home page as soon as you have completed all four modules.

Do I  need a calculator to complete the course?

Yes. A basic calculator is sufficient.

Is there a pass/fail mark learners need to achieve in order to obtain the certificate?

No. It is a certificate of completion.

Is my score private?

Yes. Per our Privacy Policy, your personal information and score are private.

Can I download the videos?

No. The videos are the property of Bloomberg LP.

Why am I getting a blank screen when trying to play a video?

Please ensure that you have a recent version of Adobe Flash on your computer and that the Flash plugin is enabled on your Internet browser.

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