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Business Tutorial: Bloomberg

Bloomberg Mergers & Acquisitions Data

MA <GO> is the shortcut code for Bloomberg mergers & acquisitions data. You will use this function within Bloomberg to screen for M&A deals.

You can use up to 20 variables to screen for deals.

M&A deal information includes deal multiples, financials, (at time merger) and deal descriptive information.

Shortcut for M&A Search

Shortcut: MA <GO> 

Click on Advanced Search. 

Date Range

Click on 11) Date Range under the Deal Criteria category.

Select Custom from the drop-down menu. Enter the date range. Click on Completion Date.

Click on 1) Update.

Deal Status 

Click on 13) Deal Status under the Deal Criteria category.

Click on Completed.

Click on 1) Update.

Public or Private 

Click on 22) Public/Private under the Company Universe category.

Click on Public or Private.

Click on 1) Update.

M&A Search: Country & SIC Code Selection

Click on 23) Region/Country under the Company Universe category. First choose a region from the left hand side by clicking on the + sign next  to the region name.  Next choose the country by clicking on it.  (Example: Click on the + sign next to North America. Click on United States). Click on 1) Update.

SIC Code 

Click on 24) SIC Code under the Company Universe category. Select the Industry Division from the Major Divisions drop down menu. Type the SIC code range in the Min box and the Max box (Example: SIC Code: 2834: Pharmaceutical Preparations and Major Division: Manufacturing). Click on 1) Update

Click on 1) Results at the bottom of the page.

If you need to change any criteria of your search, click on Edit Search to go back to the main search screen.

M&A Search Results

Click on 5) Deal List at the top of the screen for a list of search results. Click on 99) Edit Columns to select additional fields for financial data.

Browse the data items by clicking on the + sign next to the data type or enter the data type into the search box.  Click on the data type to select it and click on Close to add the data field to the results list.

Click on Actions at the top of the screen.  Select Output then Excel to download the M&A data.

Bloomberg M&A Company Search

To search for an individual company, enter the company name or ticker symbol in the search box on the M&A main page.

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