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Business Tutorial: Bloomberg

Corporate Bonds

How do I find corporate bonds?

To do a general Bond Search for specific coupon rates, ratings and maturity dates:

Use Custom Bond Search function
Type SRCH then hit <GO> 
Fill in the relevant search boxes and click on Search for a customized list of bonds.


To Search by Issuer:

Type in the Ticker Symbol  <Corp> <GO>

(This will list all bonds issued by the equity. Choose a specific bond for more information.)
To Search for a Specific Bond: 

Ticker Symbol Coupon Rate Maturity <Corp> <GO>

For example: IBM 5.4 01/26/09 <Corp> <GO>

Government Bonds

How do I find Government Bonds?

Type in WB <GO> to find a listing of major government bonds.

Bloomberg 10 Year Bond

To Find U.S. Treasury Bonds:
Type in the
 SHORTCUT  <Govt> <GO>

Here is a list of some of the most common U.S. Treasury Bonds:

10 Year:
CT10 <Govt> <GO> 

5 Year:
CT5 <Govt> <GO> 

3 Month T-Bill:
CB3 <Govt> <GO> 

To Find U.S. Generic Bonds: 
Type in the SHORTCUT  <Govt> <GO> 

Here is a list of some of the most common U.S. Generic Bonds:

10 Year:
 <Index> <GO> 

5 Year:
 <Index> <GO>

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