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LA245: Introduction to Law

Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law plays an essential role in the American legal system. Not only does it address individual rights, but it also provides rights to businesses, considers the role of government regulation in business, and the powers of the federal government versus the states. When researching a topic involving the U.S. Constitution, there will usually be extensive news coverage of the topic. Remember that the U.S. Supreme Court makes all the documents related to the case available on its website, and often posts a recording of the oral argument. There are several notable blogs and journalists who cover the Supreme Court, such as SCOTUSblog and Nina Totenberg of NPR; just remember that usually those sources are expressing an opinion. For more on the Court, consider the many books written by insiders (The Nine, for example) and this C-SPAN website:





For additional resources, see the BU School of Law Libraries Constitutional Law subject guides. Some of the resources on the Law Library’s guides are only accessible by BU Law students, but the law guides do provide a more detailed coverage of the subject.

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