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Museums & Museum Studies

Exhibiting Slavery and Representing Black Lives: a virtual conference in four parts

Dutch Merchant with Slaves, 1700-1725, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (public domain)

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What is a Museum?


The term “museum” harks back to the Greek origin of the institution as the abode of the muses, a place of learning and inspiration: Greek mouseion ‘seat of the Muses’

“Museum“ in Grove Art Online.

Museums” (art) 

Museums” (photography) 

Museums” (military) 

Museums” (science in museums)

Museum definition & the need for a new one -   (ICON - International Council of Museums)

About Museums: Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Museums Facts.   American Alliance of Museums.

About MuseumsAmerican Alliance of Museums.

Museum Studies

" Museum studies, sometimes called museology, is the field that encompasses the ideas and issues involved in the museum profession, from the practical, day-to-day skills needed to operate a museum to theories on the societal role of museums.” 
Source: retired Smithsonian Institution website


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